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    I am new to design. I need suggestions on the best way to navigate through dpi, export resolution, canvas size...basically, how do i take my exciting new logos and save them in the proper formats to allow me to print business cards, letterhead etc.

    Any books or web sites you can recommend?

    Once you save your logo / image can it then be imported into other design programs? Publisher and the like?

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    welcome to the forum and TLC paperprices
    there are plenty of web sites that offer all kinds of tips and tricks
    as for you being able to transfer to other programs yes that is possible using the export tab top leftt of the program ,in there you will find that it gives you different options as to what format to transfer into

    you will also find plenty of topics with in the forum on the required subject as well,look for some of kd kidd`s posts!!!!!!!!
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    Welcome to the Laughingbird World!
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    Welcome to the forum and world of TLC paperprinces!

    Lamo1graphic is right, there are plenty of web sites out there for help. I will need to find some good basic sites but in the meantime I hope this helps:

    GIF - (Graphics Interchange Format) is a file format that should not be used for prepress "print" (as with JPG). It is best suited for web design logos or to exchange images through e-mail.

    JPG - (Joint Photographic Experts Group) does not limit colors, making this format the preferred for photographic images or images with effects. JPGs are best used on websites but not for prepress (as with GIF) as these files are set to a low resolution of 72dpi.

    PNG - (Portable Network Graphics) format was designed to replace the older and simpler GIF format. PNG is intended to be a single-image format only. It is not recomended to use PNG files for the web as most internet browsers are not capable yet of reading PNG. Some images in TLC use PNG.

    TIFF - (Tagged Image File Format) is the industry standard for print media. Best used between 150 - 300dpi output.

    Hope this helps for now
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    Thanks Borpean!

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I was very intimidated and embarassed to admit my ignorance. Your kindness and competence are greatly appreciated.

    Would the Dummies series books be a help? I need to learn how to save (measurement wise) my work for business cards, powerpoint screens, letterhead the like...)

    Thanks again!
    Paper princess

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