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Discussion in 'Logos and other Graphics reviewed' started by jcwd, Sep 19, 2009.

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    Hi submitted these in a contest what do you think.

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    Depending on the competitioin and the contest holder needs they may be tough to make the win. They are not sloppy or anything like that but the competition in these contest are pretty stiff.. No luck for me yet. Im going to be going back to college to pursue a degree in design to hopefully help me get the edge I need. 2ndly, Im not sure where you are participating in a contest at but read the terms carefully. Most places do not allow stock image elements. For example the two icons you used from the TLC software would not be allowed and nor the city graphic unless you made it yourself. If its just in another forum somewhere you may have a high chance of it being ok to do. Either way I wish you the best of luck and hope you share your future here with us. Kinda gets me back in the mood to try some contest myself.. One thing I've learned though is to give the contest holder what they want. Now that sounds that it should be without saying but here is my experience. I have been in contest where its pretty clear the contest holder has no graphical knowledge and is lost between what they want and what actually looks good. I made a graphic for a contest once that 9 out of 10 people would agree look much better than my competitor. It match their website color schemes and went with the flow of their site very nicely. Fact is though, its not what they asked for. So my competitor won the competition with a less than attractive design. So I keep trying to seperate myself from my own feelings on design and deliver what they are looking for whether I like it or not. Its hard for me though to put up design choices that I would not post. As well a designer has to somehow manage to insert there own creativity without over powering the clients request. Its a tough line to walk sometime. Best of luck. Just pay attention to the feedback you get and take it in stride. They may be rude and just say it stinks or they may say its just what they are looking for. Either way adjust fire and keep a pro attitude about what you do. In the end you are trying to make money whether you contest holder has rude things to say or not. More than half of your contest holders though typically offer feedback in a constuctive manner when its negative in nature.
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    The text is difficult to read especially in the second one. There is probably too much unused space [the blue area].

    The design would not reproduce well at small sizes, you need to think in terms of bringing the elements together closer to each other. Depending on the project it helps to think of how your designs would reproduce in greyscale as well.

    Listen, I struggle for hours coming up with anything original. I hope this is constructive for you, not meant to be too harsh or anything.

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