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Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by ckos, Jan 30, 2007.

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    What can i say? I had FAC V1,5 and i couldnt use it cause it was impossible to use Greeks there. I was anxiously waiting for V2 and i am very dissapointing because i have the same problem. And unfortunately i was full enough and just bought the corporate identity creator and i realize for once more that is only for those that speak/use English.
    I am very sad that i cant use the software i have from Laughingbird (Logo Creator, Flash Ad Creator, Corporate Identity Creator). All users all this time we wrote and wrote one "wish list"....for what? ....for nothing.
    I demand an answer NOW and even more i demand a solution.
    Kostas from Greece
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    For starters I know of no where where it says that The Corporate Identity Creator supports Greek language. That is one thing that I look for when I buy any software, what language does it support.

    I know for one Marc stays very busy and if he can add a new language he would. Adding a new language is a time consuming thing. So I know that Marc has his reasons for not adding new language yet.

    So if you are not happy with your current purchase then PM Marc aka Laughingbird and ask him about the language part of it.

    Honestly you should have read everything to see if it supported your language. If you didn't see your answer then ask before you bought it. But seeing that Marc is such a great person I am sure he will take care of you somehow.

    Just my opinion.

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