exporting image to create logo for T-Shirt/Polo Print

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by jeremyotten, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. jeremyotten

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    i need to export my logo to a very high resolution picture. The would like me to export to something like Adobe illustrator of Photoshop file....

    Or just export the image from the logo creator program with a 25CM witdh.... but I cannot seem to be able to do this...

    please assist... I want my logo highres on a T-Shirt...

  2. awalck

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    Hey jeremy, what size 'work area' do you have with your logo? (should be in the window title - like 800x600. Also, when exporting your logo, make sure the export resolution is set to at least 300 dpi. This is set under the EXPORT menu under EXPORT RESOLUTION. Send me a PM if you need some specific help with resizing or with the t-shirt company. I love makin' t-shirts.

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