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Experienced user post a 1...2...3?

Discussion in 'The eCover Creator' started by Jim Van Wyck, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. Jim Van Wyck

    Jim Van Wyck

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    Hi all....

    I'm not usually a "forum-weenie" ... but....

    I'm really boggled by how to make this software
    (which appears outstanding)
    work in a sensible way.

    Could an experienced user please post a real simple
    1,2,3 list of tasks that take us new users
    from opening the program to a flash?

    Just something like

    1. create front cover
    ... save as
    ... ?

    2. create back cover
    ... ?

    3. etc...

    This would make a HUGE contribution
    to the sincere new user faced with
    an elegant program with zero instructions.

    Thanks, Jim

    It appears from the Forums that Mark
    has been too busy to make a simple tutorial
    (or even a manual, users guide, or quick-start)
    for many months. A tutorial or manual
    from him seems unlikely, eh?
  2. Mr Laughingbird

    Mr Laughingbird Staff Member

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    Hi Jim!
    Read my previous post to get you started.


    You are correct.
    I'm really sorry about the lack of manual, or tutorials.

    I'm hoping some forum members can get me some tutorials to show off (ahem... HomeBiz!? MasterDesign?) :D

    very soon Jim!

    I'm completing:

    The eCover Creator - done
    The Flash Ad Creator - SOON!
    The Corporate Identity Creator Online version (a free service)
    The Corporeate Identity Creator (a stand alone app for your own desktop)

    All of the above are going into the retail store so I had to create physical boxes for them all. Those are now done as well.

    Next up - Fixing the eCover Creator website, CREATING the FlashAdCreator.com web site -- and making manuals and tutorials for them all.


    Sounds like a lot.
    That's why I love this forum. The users in here are the coolest group I've ever met. They help with the holes quite a bit!

    - Marc

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