El Capitan and TLC/TC

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    Well I finally did it I installed El Capitan onto my iMac. I did the TC upgrade before installing EC. (note here: my TLC was Laughingbird Software directly) Everything went flawless. If I want to export to another location than my desktop I have to choose SAVE AS VERSION. Additionally to see and use the TC it MUST be accessed through the Application folder. For some reason the Launchpad only shows the V6.8* icon and it launches it in that mode. Through the application I can choose to run as V6.6 or TC 7

    Do NOT remove the TLC from your computer the content is needed. There are NO templates or elements in TC 7 upgrade it uses what you already have. Better to look to the applications folder than try to have a TC icon on your Launchpad that doesn't work.
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