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    Hi, *I am new to The Logo Creator so the beta version is the only version I have ever tried. *I am trying to edit the image color of the yellow sphere that is more oval shaped and slightly angled. *I can change the image color to black under COLORIZE, but if I change the opacity, it is mixing the original yellow and the new black; hence changing it to brown. *If I try to change the colors under GRADIENT, the original yellow is still present even though you can see some of the black to gray gradient I chose. *Either I am missing a component under the color Tab NORMAL that allows me to change the original yellow color or I don't know what to click on to change it. *In the end I am trying to turn the shape into something that would look like a fast moving wheel/tire. *So being able to not only change the color but also change the border of the image would be great. *There may be other pre made shapes I could modify and work with to make this happen but this particular one was the shape I was looking for. *
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    Attached is what you should see when you select COLORIZE. All you have to do is click once on the colored rectangle and the palette of colors will show up. If you do not see the the longer rectangle (It's the blush one in the attachment) then there is definitely something funky going on.... Hope this helps.....

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