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    Hi All,

    First time of posting here so sorry if this has been covered!

    Is it possible to break down the elements for editing? So if you add an element that has say a set of blocks, which you want to make the individual blocks different colours you can?

    Thanks in advance
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    Yes you can, but you have to use something like photoshop (I use photoshop elements) or any number of free programs that can do it as well. The edited image has to be in the PNG format for it to show up in the pulldown menus. If you edit any of the original images I recommend saving them with a different name- otherwise you over write the original file!

    You cannot edit specific components of elements that are in the DB files. You can edit the elements if they are located in the yellow folders (like the mascots folder from version 5.0).

    In the image below I am about to edit some clouds from the business card elements set.... note the color of the clouds. In the Logo Creator the choice of COLOR is given in the image formatting menu- but that really just make a global change to the entire selected image.


    Now look, I have changed the color of the clouds:


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