Edible logos created in TLC

Discussion in 'Resource & Recommendations' started by derfall, Jun 10, 2004.

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    Create your logo and eat it on cake or chocolates!

    www.kopykake.com has a program that will take your logo or photograph and output it onto a sheet containing edible ink. You place it on a cake and peel back the transfer sheet. You will need a Canon Printer, but I'm sure you can see how great a logo presentation on a cake would be.

    In another version you project the image onto the cake with the lights dimmed. Color it in with an airbrush using edible colors.

    Kopy Kake sells everything you need. However, they are a competitor of mine in airbrush tanning. Take a look at my site first - www.airbrushsalon.com. My compressor and airbrush can spray their edible ink.

    www.cacao-design.com can transfer a white image onto chocolates. They have a home version, too.



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