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eCover v.2.2 MAC FREEZES

Discussion in 'The eCover Creator' started by williamkatz, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. williamkatz


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    We just installed eCover v.2.2 MAC and when we try to use it the program freezes after we get the „Rendering Cover Please Wait‰ message and stays frozen.

    We are running a Mac with OS 10.4.5 on a PowerBook G3/500.

    Please help.
  2. a¿ex

    a¿ex Staff Member

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    Hi William,
    I am not exactly sure, what's happening on your computer.

    here are a few thoughts:

    if you are running OS 10.4.5 on a PowerBook G3/500 you should know very well what it is like to wait... :-)
    so you might have waited long enough for the rendering to finish ?

    I have a powerbook G3/500 myself (which I worked on before I got this beautyful G4 some years ago) and I can tell. I wouldn't put tiger on that machine anyway, as it is simoly too demanding IMO, but that's another story.

    It is very difficult to tell, whether your machine is really frozen or just busy working. Rendering the image takes a while and the slower the computer, the longer. and a pismo is QUIIITE slow.

    freeze normally means that you can't really do anything, you can't even switch to another app. if this is the case, then we have a serious problem, I suspect that it might be too much for the pismo then.

    in that case the only thing to check is whether it appears in both color depths: 32-bit and 16-bit. since the pismo has only 8 MB of VRAM the VRAM is very tight anyway. I remember that I did all in 16-bit, as in 32bit I always ran out of video memory. (the 3-D ought to perform much faster in 16-bit then in 32 on the pismo!) if you ARE already running in 16 please try switching to 32 bit just to check if it freezes no longer (when you are running in 16 bit there may appear a problem with creating a 32 bit png with alphachannel. I am wondering if that may pose a problem somehwere, but I don't think that I do not check for errors at that stage)

    In the other case, that the machine is NOT freezing, but just veeery busy for veeery long time (much more likely on OSX)
    a few things to check for you:
    disable mirror and shadows before rendering and be patient and look if it works then.

    you always can switch to the finder (command+tab) and launch Activity Monitor to watch the activity of the box creator. It will state "not responding" in red letters, but that's not the problem as the app is really too busy to respond... but if the amount of memory consumption changes the movie is still running and working. only if the memory usage stays at the same value for longer time, THAN the application really hangs.

    if the app "hangs", then it probably ran out of VRAM. In order to antialias I scale the 3-D up 2x times. At a certain point the app would crash, if the problem was the scaling up of the 3-D (I have seen that happen often enough on the pismo, the app doesn't freeze then but rather crash hard: "this application has unexpectedly quit")
    but just to be sure please try to scale the window down, so that the resulting image is small, say e.g. scale the window down to 400x300, then the scaling up in order to do the AA will be 800x600 and pose no memory problems.
    If this fixes it, it is simply a memory problem related to your 8 MB VRAM (perhaps you even have a second monitor attached, which consumes also VRAM...)

    if the application is NOT frozen at all, but simply veeery busy it helps to turn off the shadow and the mirrors, which triple the rendering time, as I need to render each of these layers in a single pass.

    to summarize:
    try to scale the window tiny (~400x300) and turn off shadows and mirrors before rendering or printing and then be veeery patient (go to the kitchen and fetch a new cup of coffee :-) to see if it works then, just so we know, if it is a real crash or just a sloooow computer...

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