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eCover Creator Manual?

Discussion in 'The eCover Creator' started by Jeri, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Jeri


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    I just purchased The eCover Creator. Thank you for such terrific software!

    Being a "newbie" I don't have any prior experience the eCover Creator or Logo Creator.

    When I click on the Help from within the ECC to view the manual it takes me to an online page with some simple instructions but no manual perse.

    I also looked to see if it was unzipped to my hard drive along with the program, but I didn't see one.

    Is there a manual that I can view or download? Please provide a direct link, if possible.

    Also, I am anxiously awaiting the tutorials. :banana

    Thanks again,
  2. KD-did


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    Jeri, this product was changing just about to its moment of release. The manual is in the works. If you go to http://www.logodesignforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1873 you should be able to get a good understanding of TLC and that should get you started understanding the basic for eCover.

    Wecome to the forums

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