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Ebook Creator Tutorial

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by breakthru, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. breakthru

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    I purchased web graphics creator specifially to create ebooks like the ones displayed on your site - they look good.

    Your tutorials do not show how to create an ebook. I managed to get my image into the Art Center, Add text save as a jpeg and then import to ecover generator.

    After a day of fiddling I've not been able to produce a ebook cover that I would be satisfied to show to my dog let alone put on my website! Very frustrating.

    I saw the thread where another beginner asked for tutorials (over a year ago) and was unable to discover any tutorials specifially for ecover generator.

    If there are any please point me towards them, otherwise I'm going to get a refund and pay a professional to do it ... the minutes promised on the sales page has turned into 8.5 hours of frustration

  2. laughingbird

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  3. breakthru

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    Here's the jpg (done-well)I created in the Art section and the jpegs (get-done1,2 3,) of the ecovers I've tried to create.

    In the original art section I tried to get the image to fill up the entire space and get rid of the grey background but couldn't do it.

    Consequently, the image doesn't take up the full size of the ecover, but has the grey background and doesn't look like I want.

    The ecover has a whole bunch of white space around it and I want the ecover image to be only of the ecover (no background)

    The graphics aren't sharp they are fuzzy (probably something to do with what I've done in the art section?)

    I'll look at the tutorials you sent through today.

    I'm using Graphics Creator 3.0 on a Mac 10.4


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  4. Nicoleta Bebe

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    hi everyoane!!!

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