Dual Monitor Support

Discussion in 'Wish list for future releases' started by AzureCrystal, Nov 10, 2004.

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    :banana Wow, what a wonderful and usefull software this is, just bought my copy and I'm having way too much fun !!!

    I use PhotoShop, Flash, Painter IX professionally and I can honestly say I absolutely needed something that gave me EXACTLY what your software does, a framework focused on logo creation, just what I needed to jog my creativity with specific features that allow me to concentrate on making a logo, and LogoCreator does just that, elegantly and intuitively !!

    My only wish right now(only a few hours of use so far), would be to have dual monitor support so that LC remembers which monitor I work from so the next time I bring it up, it would load on that monitor, I use my secondary, right monitor for my image design, my left, primary for tutorial, clipart, etc...

    Thanks for a great product that frees me to be more creative !

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