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    If you ever heard of Proabition, Well heres something to think about,

    Below is a picture of that era in our history, Now think about this while looking at the picture:

    1- Now you know why the men drank ( look at those women )
    2- Seriously, Would you stop drinking because of that sign? Not NO, But HELL NO !
    3- If they are all friends ( These Ladies ) cant you imagine what sitting in a room with all of them would make you want to do? I can ...To Take A Drink, maybe 3 or 4 of them in a row!

    Arent we lucky to live in a time where we dont have things like this to worry about, instead we have more to worry about than back then, So lets all just go get drunk and forget about it for awhile, after all thats what the men did back then too...:lol:

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    oh geez. those women scare me. that's 10 miles of long bumpy road right there.

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