Does Daylight Savings Time seem to be happening

Discussion in 'FUN and Sharing Forum' started by KD-did, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. KD-did

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    earlier than normal this year in the USA ? It is due to begin this weekend (3/8/09)... one less hour of sleep! "Spring ahead"

    I never realized that DST had such variations of when it start and ends until I stumbled across:
  2. xprt007

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    In western Europe, or probably the whole of Europe, the clocks change to "summer time" at 3:00am on the last Sunday of March, by being moved one hour ahead.

    The "lost hour of sleep" ;) is gained on the last Sunday night of October also at 3:00am.

    If you forget to adjust the clock before going to bed [since no one waits to do so at 3:00am], you could end up going one hour too early to church (shhhh - like I ever did one time) ... & later in the year, one hour too late.
  3. Lats

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    I really dislike the whole thing, changing all the house/car/other clocks, and server owners forced to change their time - it's a real pain :(

    Either leave it on, or leave it off is my vote :)
  4. mugwump

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    My suggestion is to move it 30 minutes in March or October,
    and then leave it alone . . . ;^) But then we'll be out of synch
    with the rest of the world - nothing new . . . ;^)


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