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Does anyone read the PMs?

Discussion in 'The eCover Creator' started by ahlexis, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. ahlexis

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    I have sent 2 separate messages through PM, one 3 weeks ago, and another 2 weeks ago, yet I have heard nothing. The questions I had were pre-purchase for the eCover Creator, and also seeking assistance for previously purchased versions of Logo Creator software that I am unable to get the upgrades to work for.

    Is anybody home???
  2. wacki56 Super Mod

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    Hello ahlexis,

    What exatly are the 2 questions you had? Maybe we can help *wink*

  3. ahlexis

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    On eCover Creator, some parts of the web page says "Win2000/XP" and other parts say "W98/XP/2000/Me/NT", and I needed to know which one was accurate. Also wanted to know if it works in Windows Vista and if there was anyone beta testing it inside the Vista beta for potential problems, as I was one of the beta testers before.

    I have had a hard drive "blow up" on me, and have purchased every version of Logo Creator there was back several years ago when the discounted sale price was $49.95 to $59.95 or so, and need to re-download. I think it was version 3 when I purchased. I had since tried an upgrade (to version 4 maybe? I gave up in frustration and bought a competing product to complete the project in the past) that did not work, so I wanted to know what it would take to get Version 5 in a state that did not need to be upgraded.

    I find it particularly interesting that no one has responded for over 3 weeks, as I was the one who originally notified Laughingbird that someone was selling his product on eBay without his permission, and it turned out that person...who had the original sealed boxes and everything...worked at the processing plant where he was having his product packaged. It's the reason why he decided to do the design and everything himself, to prevent someone else from selling it out the back door like this guy was!

    Due to my hard drive crash I no longer have the emails of the download links/purchase receipts I received when I originally purchased, so I don't have any codes or anything, and am scrambling around trying to load old hard drives into my desktop PC and search for numbers and receipts (a real nightmare!). I have tried using the support system to find my receipt by entering credit card number, but so far nothing...the system doesn' t have record of my purchase.
  4. ahlexis

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    Another reason for the frustration is, there are posts from Laughingbird since that time. Have I been intentiionally put on ignore?
  5. laughingbird

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    Hi Ahlexis.

    I'm really sorry to hear
    A) you think you've been ignored, and
    B) you're angry.

    You've been a part of Laughingbird Software for some time (years!)
    No way would I ignore you ... on purpose.

    No, you haven't been put on 'ignore!' :)
    There are so many posts here lately, I simply missed it.

    Your PM - I've just read.
    (I've got over 200 in my INbox. No excuse, I know. But I wanted you to know where I'm coming from).

    Please check a PM from me Ahlexis.
    You've been with Laughingbird Software for quite some time and I do appreciate it. I'll take care of your orders.

    To be fair however, please make sure you back things up. I use an external eCommerce company. They provide 3 downloads. You can opt to purchase a back up CD. They don't provide the downloads forever unfortunatly. It's up to the end user to back up software that was downloaded ... because computers crash.

    - I'm guilty of non-backing up myself! However, If I were to write to Symantic demanding they supply a redownload for me - they probably wouldn't. Especially if I told them I have no idea what the order number was, which credit card I used, or provided my full first and last name (it's hard to look up an order under a forum screen name).

    I only mention this for others to hear.

    NO worries Ahlexis. ...I'll hook you up.

    ... and - incedently - the software manufacturer you mention above that was packaging my software - and reselling it on eBay ... they're the same "competing" company that you purchased the other logo software from.

    Why didn't their copy cat software work for you?
    ... just curious :)

    - Marc
  6. ahlexis

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    :getting n

    Sorry to sound terribly angry...just frustrated because usually things don't happen one at a time. The hard drive goes south in the middle of a project, can't get to the emails I had that had all my info in them, didn't hear from you in some time, and now a project that eCover Creator is perfect for that I am being forced into a crash course on Photoshop (not that that's a bad idea, it's just stressful).

    I just read the PM, and want to thank you publicly (sent private thanx already) for your assistance.

    I still have version 3 of the Logo Creator on CD somewhere around here, but the codes are gone because my email tanked. I thought I had it backed up, but learned FROM THE EXPERIENCE how to properly back it up...Arggh! Hindsight is always 20/20 vision, isn't it?

    On a separate, totally unrelated note, I remember supplying a service to a software boxing company many years ago back when I had a vending route, and I recall thinking several times how unsecure their operation was and how easy it would be for their customers' products to "go missing" out the back door and mentioned it to one of the owners. They seemed like they just didn't care, that they were making so much money that it didn't matter to them.

    In all fairness, your software is not the only software that I have had the misfortune of trying to replace. In the past I had all the supposed required info to reinstall a certain FTP program I bought from a Staples, all the way down to the serial number, and the program rejected the serial number that previously worked on a different hard drive. I contacted the company, and they told me they lost some of their customer records and that they could not help me. Particularly frustrating when I DID have the purchase information!

    You have come through for me and saved the day on more than one occasion, and for that I'm thankful! :number: :angel: :bighug:

    My plans for future backups are going to be a bit different. No more CDs. I'm going web-based as much as I can. It's finally getting to the point where it (almost) makes more sense to backup across the web than from machine to CD or DVD. And the thing with the web-based backup services, there is always the off-site backup if/when something goes wrong on the other end. I learned a lot of things after that email crash, most of them from the writer of The Hacker's Nightmare (www.hackersnightmare.com). This book on CD explained a lot of things to me, including a lot of options I was not previously aware of. It was a real eye-opener for me.

    For almost anyone out there who earns their living using their computer, they need to at least take a serious look at that book! It may keep you from pulling your hair out!:getting n

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