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Director Player Error

Discussion in 'The Web Graphics Creator Updates' started by jaykay, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. jaykay


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    I was putting together an ecover and got the following error:

    Director Player Error
    Invalid parameter
    (member 45 of castLib 1)
    Script Error. Continue?

    The error occurred while trying to export the image as a .jpg.

    I'm running VISTA on a machine that's less than a year old with 3gigs of ram.

    The error occurred with a 4x anti-aliasing setting. I haven't had a problem with that setting before. When I dropped to 2x it exported without the error. I'm confused as to why I would suddenly get this error. I also tried shutting down the machine for awhile and rebooted. Error came back on the higher setting.

    UPDATE: I just tried it again and this time it worked on the 4x setting. I'd still like to know what caused the error in the first place.

  2. KD-did


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    An actual cause on an intermittent problem maybe hard to pin point . The problem was actually in Director Player... a file needed by WGC for the command couldn't be found the first time but could locate it a second time. Such errors disappearing never to be seen again are not totally unheard of after a recent update of DP, after running a search for adware, routine mainentence or rebooting.

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