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Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by grafXguy, Feb 3, 2005.

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    After posting a message and the problem is resolved, is there a way to delete the "original post and replies" or is that under control of the forum administor or a time frame? Also does this have any reflection on the stored messages (max. 40) allowed in my private message folder? I've sent a few and have deleted some, but it's showing I have 3 stored, I have 1 sent and it was- confirmed and 1 sent-unconfirmed. Unless things have changed with the new math, 1 + 1= 2? Is my original posting, (not a private message) counting in this some how? And what happens, after hitting the max. of 40 in the Private messages (which I don't intend on doing but I have 2 I know of and it's showing 3? Where might this 3rd message be, so as to not have any problems with the max. of 40?

    p.s. I've noticed in my last post, a check mark in the ratings column, what does that mean?....(yes I'm a newbie) but I LOVE TLC and the forum and you guys have been great in helping us with our questions!
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    The members themselves control the PM. You will want to delete from both your in and sent boxes to clear the messages.
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    Hi GrafX.
    Thanks for the kind words about the software.

    I can program things like The Logo Creator, but I can't figure this forum software out either :)

    Katie is right, you control what you delete.
    However, you might want to Private Message 'Lats' on your question.
    He's an Admin here in the forum, he's a wiz at how it works. He'll know what to do and how to answer your questions.

    You should be able to PM him here:

    Hope this helps!

    - Marc

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    Unless posts are deemed inappropriate, cause offensive to somebody or are illegal in nature, they remain on the forum indefinitely. This is to ensure the integrity of the forum and also serves to help others with similar questions.

    The check mark indicates that you have subscribed to that thread. Generally, when making a post, you will be automatically subscribed to that thread, unless you change that in your control panel. Subscribing to a thread means you will be advised of a reply to that thread via an email - again selectable in the control panel.

    The blank boxes allow you put a check mark in them (selecting them) which you can then perform certain actions, from the dropdown box at the bottom. These actions include delete, download amongst others.

    When you send a PM, it gets saved in the 'sent folder' which get added to your PM count. To view your sent PMs, click on the word inbox which has a down arrow, you can select your sent box from there. Delete those messages you do not want to keep.

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