Default Directory/File Location Options for Logo Creator (LC)

Discussion in 'Wish list for future releases' started by Richard Fulton, May 2, 2013.

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    Richard Fulton

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    We need to be able to specify where we want the documents stored; i.e. Logo Elements and Logo Libraries.

    This is important for several reasons:
    1) Logo Creator (LC) needs to support technologies like DropBox and network/cloud storage that allow one to have automatic backups of one's graphics and purchased elements. Currently, files have to be manually backed up or one has to purchase continuous backup technology because the location of these devices is different that the default directories LC uses.

    2) Windows 7 introduced libraries. The Library concept in Windows is not supported by LC nor is the creation of libraries (multiple folders with one virtual location) well understood by most. If Libraries were properly supported there would not be a need to define locations that are not the default.

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