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Discussion in 'Help wanted with my design' started by parizzo, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. parizzo


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    I need some help with my logo, so i hope you'll help
    me. I've a concrete vision but i don't know how to realize them

    At first some information
    We're a Crossgolf Team (just 4 fun not organized)
    located in Augsburg (Germany)
    founded in 2008

    We thought it would be nice if we would have a logo on shirts polos and the back of our cars^^

    Now to the logo:
    we thought two crossing golf clubs were perfect
    in the background two circles in which our location is written (augsburg) on both sides shpould be some frets like this

    it should look classy and imposing a bit extravagant almost exagerrated (in fact we're playing golf somewhere and drinkin beer^^)

    i would like it if it is black/white

    but i don't want to limit your creativity

    please mention:

    "Crossgolf Team" or "CrossGolf Team"

    and the founders nicknames:

    it would be nice if you would do it for free because we are only 2 pupils

    sry for my bad english
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