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    Hi ya'll! ( Yea I know, I'm a country boy )

    This is for Windows users.
    Mac users may get some benefit, but I don't use a Mac so I'm really not sure.

    This will cover what you can and cannot do with copy/paste text in TC7.

    When you have a block of text in another program ( say..MS Word ) and you want to add it to TC7, it's really not that hard. But there are a few things you need to know.

    Try not to use keyboard shortcuts CTRL-C and CTRL-V. Works in some cases, not in others. Using Right-Click and selecting Copy or Paste always works.

    First you need to 'copy' that text to your clipboard. This is a built in feature of Windows. All versions. Simply highlight the text you want to copy and 'Right-Click' over it. You should get a pop-up menu with options. Select 'Copy' or 'Copy to clipboard'. Depends on what program you are using. Either gets the job done.

    Then you need to put that text in a simply text editor so that you can format it. If you were to paste it directly into TC it would come out as one long line of text. You could edit it there, but it's kind of a pain. I use Notepad. Comes with Windows so everyone has it. Simply open Notepad, move your cursor over the window and right-click. Select 'Paste' and your text will appear.

    Think about what size graphic you are working on in TC. Think about how much text you are adding. If it's a lot of text, it may be too small to read unless your graphic is very large. Try and keep it as simple as you can. Edit your text in Notepad. Be sure to hit 'Return' at the end of every line. Don't leave 'spaces' at the end of a line. They would be copied into TC and you don't want that. When you get the text the way you want it, highlight that text, right-click and 'copy' again. This puts your formatted text on the clipboard.

    Next, go to The Creator and open whatever template ( or create a new template ) you want to work with. You cannot simply 'Paste' the text onto the canvas. Doesn't work. If you look towards the top of the screen you'll see a box that says 'Type text Here.' with a button under it that says 'Add Text to Canvas'. Simply press that button! Yep, you just added the text 'Type text here.' to your canvas. Don't panic, we're going to edit that with the text you have on your clipboard.

    'Type text here.' should be selected. If not, select it on the canvas. To the left you should see the text menu. It will have options such as Format, Color, Shadow, Blur, Outline and Edit. Select Edit and you will see a window on the left that has the text 'Type text here.' in it. Using the cursor highlight that text. Then right-click over it and select Paste'. Boom! Your text should now be in that box.

    Look to the bottom of that box and you should see a button that says 'Implement'. Press that to add your text to the canvas. If that button is grayed out, don't panic! ( I say that a lot! ) Simply scroll to the bottom of the text window and click the cursor just after the last character in the box. If that doesn't do it, hit the space bar one time, then use the Delete key to get rid of any extra spaces. Once you have done this that 'Implement' button should be available to you. Click it and your text will appear on the canvas.

    Now you can use the other Text options to adjust the font, color and whatever until it looks the way you'd like. Of course you can also still edit the text if you decide you want a change. Don't forget to hit 'Implement' after every change in the text box!

    I hope this helps with how to copy/paste text into TC. If you still have questions please post back and let us know.There is always someone around the forum that can help you. And keep in mind, if you have any nifty ( technical term ) tips or tricks, please post them here for other users. Thanks!
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    For MACs....highlight text, right click cut and paste in the text box after removing default text......Type text here..
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    how do u change the default text?

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