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    I have just purchased TLC 3.5 with Corporate Set 3 after having tried the demo for a few days. The product is great apart from one problem. It seems to have been reported a number of times but I have yet to see a solution or an indication that the problem will be resolved.
    The problem is the ability (or NOT) to change the colour of objects. Whenever I try to change the colour of an object such as a swoosh or an orb the colour does not change as expected. It just goes darker. Now I have seen reported that it is due to TLC adding colours as opposed to changing them. This may be the case, but that is not what is required. If there is a blue swoosh and I want it to be green then I assume that I can change its colour.
    The work round of editing the image is hardly a solution, especially as the images contain a number of colours and the whole point of buying this product was to avoid doing detailed image manipulation.
    Can anyone tell me of either a solution to this problem, when a solution will be available or if there is an earlier version that I could use to avoid the problem.
    If this problem can be solved then it would result in an excellent product which I would recommend to anyone.


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