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Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by danilo.massa, Jun 27, 2006.

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    I have just bought CIC and I have some problems...
    My configuration is:
    Platform: Windows
    OS Version: XP SP2 (localized in Italian)
    Processor: Pentium M750 (1.87 GHz, 533 FSB, 2MB L2 cache)
    Installed Memory: 2 GB
    Installed graphic card: ATI Radeon X700 (128 MB)
    Internet Browser: MS IE 6.0 (SP2)

    Here are my problems:

    1 - when I must fill the Information Form I start to have problems after the @ character in the email field... in few words the form start to behave strange, in the email field I am not able to insert more than 3 other characters after the @ and I cannot insert the "." character. If I try to continue inserting the other data in the other fields some character are not inserted ... very strange. As workaround I write the email address in a notepad and I do a copy/paste from it ... NOTE: in the italian keyboard the @ character is got pressing the "Alt Gr" key + another key, Alt Gr is located on the right side of the space bar, on the other side of the space bar there is the standard Alt key.

    2 - printing ... is awfull here in Italy the standard paper size is A4, is quite impossible to use CIC to print directly on the printer. Every time I must manually set all the parameters (that are not saved with the stationary) and is very time consuming. Other than this the proportions for all the stuff present in the CIC software seems to be defined for "letter" paper size so all the circles becames ovals when I put the correct paper size in the print function. As workaround I publish all the stuff as PDF and I manually correct all components using Canvas X. But this is not a solution. My suggestion is to add a "paper configuration" options inside CIC in order to adapt all the stuff to another paper size and add the possibility to save the print configuration (as "paper template" if is possible so it can be used on many CIC "projects").

    Now some "nice to have":
    1 - delete object (single or multiple selected) inside the CIC editor with the "Delete" key, instead to open the modify menu and select "Delete Object"
    2 - move selected object/s with the cursor keys (or arrow keys) for a fine positioning
    3 - copy/cut/paste functions! (so can be possible copy elements from front to back page for example)
    4 - resize CIC windows and elements! I am using a notebook with a fixed screen resolution of 1680x1050 and I cannot see the templates! (I cannot change the resolution because in this new notebook generation :( if I reduce the resolution all the stuff become "unfocused")

    I hope that all these rants can have in the future a positive replay.

    Danilo Massa
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    Oppsss another "Nice to have":
    5 - undo/redo functions!
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    Look for other posts here with my name on them regarding CIC printing issues. I resolved the printing problem for standard 8.5 x 11 by putting in 8.05 as width and 10.7 as the length on my inkjet printer. However, there are other issues with envelopes which is being looked into. I haven't tried printing business cards yet.

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