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Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by dpallant, Feb 23, 2004.

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    I have just purchased Logo Creator and I am very disappointed that you cannot change the color of certain objects. I was attempting to change a black swoosh to blue. Doesn't work and I looked to this forum thinking there must be a simple solution and there are no good answers here from the makers of this software. I read in one post that they used Paint Shop to change the color but doesn't this defeat the whole purpose of someone buying this product. I paid money for this product to be able to create a logo in minutes, as touted. I read in the last thread concerning coloring that the user had emailed regarding this issue several times but had not been responded to, as yet. I think the idea of this software is great but certainly this coloring problem is an issue that needs to be addressed by its makers.

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