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Can't import image into 3D ebook creator

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by steveweber, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. steveweber


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    I am trying to create my first 3d ebook cover. I use the software to first modify one of the existing templates with my own words. I then save the image. I have tried saving in both jpg and bmp formats.

    I then go to the ebook creator function of the software. I right mouse on the default image to replace it with the one I just createtd. I select the one I created...either jpg or bmp, and a message tells me file can't be loaded.

    I have tried this several times with makeing different initial images from the templates.

    How do I get my custom image into the ebook creator?

    Thank you,

    Steve Weber
  2. Mr Laughingbird

    Mr Laughingbird Staff Member

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    Hi Steve.

    What you've tried above is exactly what you should do.

    You should be able to right click over the face of a 3D box and import your new jpeg onto it.

    Make sure you're actually choosing "export" and not "Save" from the Art Center. Saving a file will save your artwork as a ".tlc" file for later modification. Choosing "Export" will export the image as a jpeg. (some users are selecting "save" and renaming the file to have a .jpg extension).

    Can you attach the Jpg that you've created here in the forum so I can take a look at it?
    You can attach images by first creating a post, then clicking the "Manage Attachments" button at the bottom of the page.

    - Marc
  3. steveweber


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    I did not click "export", but I did click save with a JPG format.

    I will try again later with export. If that does not work, I will attach the image later tonight when I am at that computer.

    Thank you,

  4. Randy...

    Randy... Guest

    Like Marc advised, you were only saving the tlc file (that allows you to edit it later). To save into jpg, gif, png, etc...you have to use 'export'. Then, it will give you a file that can be uploaded into your ebook.

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