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Discussion in 'Help wanted with my design' started by cjs123, May 18, 2007.

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  1. cjs123


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    I would like to use these logos in Pagemaker and other desktop publishing programs. I have read through the threads and tried and tried and can't seem to figure out the "transparent gif" to make the white background non-existent (transparent).

    I often use this logo over a background color (i.e. green) and the white box appears around it.

    Can anyone help me please?

    Thank you.

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  2. Randy...

    Randy... Guest

    Be glad to help.

    These appear to be .jpg files. Correct?
  3. wacki56

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    ...........a quick fix would be to edit the LOGO with the background color of the page you want to install it on, and select 'that color' as the transparent color. Hope this eases your mind *wink*

  4. Worlock

    Worlock Guest

    When you select transparent gif..are you selecting the color you want transparent..and then looking at it with your browser and then saving the picture to see if the transparency took?...theres got to be more to this than what we are reading here.
  5. Juncal


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    Here is how to do it, after finish your work, click "export" and select one of the two options for transparent: PNG or GIF


    If you decide to use PNG (the best option for you in this case) then just select PNG transparent, choose the name of the file and save it, maybe you will be prompt with a message that says that "it will take a few minutes" or something, it's ok. Save it and you are done.

    If you decide for GIF, then you have a few clics more to do, select GIF transparent and then, clic with the eyedroper tool in the canvas over the color you want to remove. In this case the white background.


    After clicking in the background color, hit the "Export" button that is below the "done" button, choose a name and save it. Then click "done" and you are done.

    Now, to see the different between the two options I made a new file with a background color and I loaded the two files I made. Here's the result:


    The image above is the Transparent GIF and the image below is the Transparent PNG. The PNG keeps the sharp edges.

    Keep in mind that if you import an image into TLC (PHOTO) make sure that doesn't have background or remove it with the same procedure, nonetheless, it is better to make it manually with another application for better results.

    Hope helps,

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