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Can't figure out the tilt / rotate arrows

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by leroym, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. leroym


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    I have tried to manipulate those red/blue/green arrows to tilt an ebook cover and it is frustrating. It seems like they tilt the opposite direction that I am trying to go. Is it because I downloaded this on dialup and have not received the CD yet. Hard for me to believe that is the case. Anyway can somebody help with this ? Is there a tutorial that explains it? It's agonizingly slow moving and it is the only problem I've had.
    Did I read somewhere that I would receive an email notifiying me when the CD's would be shipped?
    I bought these two items and here are the order numbers:
    Thank you for any help,
  2. Chris

    Chris Staff Member

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    Hi leroym and welcome to the forum. I removed your order information. It is better not to post it in the open forum. :D

    The colored arrows will just take getting use to. Here are some tutorials for the software you have. They should help you out.


    Let me know how it goes.
  3. a¿ex

    a¿ex Staff Member

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    Hi LeRoy,

    I know, that these colored arrows are currently not optimal. It is sometimes pretty difficult to figure out for the application which direction to use. Try to rotate the view, whenever they react funny on you. best is to have these arrows horizontal or vertical, dragging into the "depth" is more difficult.

    Anyway, you shouldn't need to use these arrows too much.
    To pan/rotate/zoom the view use the below buttons (click on one button at the bottom left of the canvas), hold the mouse and start to drag. alternatively you can also click anywhere while holding the corresponding key pressed and drag with the mouse. keys are: x, y and space)

    the colored arrows are only there to displace the object from the center or change its orientation relative to the floor or, and that is there main purpose, change the aspect ratio of the box sides so that the image aspect ratio of the images you want to map on the box, can be matched.


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