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Can't figure out how to import an image.

Discussion in 'The Web Graphics Creator Updates' started by Darell, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Darell


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    I've been using "The Website Graphics Creator" for a long time now :) . I am using v3.0
    probably purchased it around 2006. I have created a lot of web graphics over the years. I really haven't found much I couldn't create in the Art Center. Recently I purchased several hundred images and wanted to download them into the image area so I could choose them as needed. First, I found they needed to be uploaded one file at a time :(. Then I tried downloading one image and was able to place it directly on my graphic area.
    Then I tried importing it to the my C:/program files/TWC/Art Center/Logo Elements/Various Objects without success. Is this the correct file for me to import the image? Next question, does the image need to be in a specific format (png, giff, bmp, jpeg, etc...)? Can anyone help me? Thanks, Darell
  2. KD-did


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    Hi Darell.

    You can make different folders to put the new images into.
    All images should be in the PNG format.

    The path should be:
    C:/program files/TWC/Art Center/Logo Elements/new folder with PNG graphics

    They will appear in the drop down menu.
    See the screenshot.

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