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  1. Worlock

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    Using "The Logo Creator" ?

    You decide for yourself...
    The graphics were all made using the program ( except for the animation at the bottom left )
    And the lay-out as well.
    However I did use another program to put it all together, But the overall design was made using Logo Creator.

    I think this will answer your doubts!

    I'd like to hear your feedback...good or bad!
  2. 3DS


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    It looks Skull-a-riffic! Ok i just made that word up if you couldn't tell.
  3. KD-did


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    Pretty darn sweet Worlock! What amount of time do you think TLC saved you over other traditional methods?

    Have a challenge for you...what would you do with this?
  4. Worlock

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    Oh Lord...A Lot of time was saved, That design took me about 3 minutes to make compared to 15 or 20 minutes using the conventional methods of creating, positioning. writting the html code for everything to be in the right place.

    Hmmmm...I dunno, but I will see what designs I can do with it, I could create animations with it, I know that right off the top of my head, but to actually incorporate it into a design, thats going to take some thought, But Im sure I can come up with something :)

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