Can I upload my own fonts into Logo Creator?

Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by Primetime, Sep 27, 2008.

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    Can I upload my own fonts into The Logo Creator? If so, how so?

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    On a PC most fonts in your system font folder are accessible in TLC under "Text Attributes" System Fonts. Just make sure that when adding fonts that they are added into the main font folder. If the fonts are in sub-folders you will be able to see them but they can't be accessible for use in TLC.

    On Macs it will be a more of a hit and miss situation on which fonts will and will not work. It isn't a situation of the type of file format they are.... as it is how the fonts were constructed that is the issue. As a work around you can always use another program to do you text with and import it onto the canvas as an image.

    The embedded fonts used by TLC are a special format .cxt and ONLY .cxt fonts work in it. There is no place to download .cxt extenion fonts .

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