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    i make a small canvas say 400 x 66
    i put in text and right justify button is left and left justify is right
    please adjust in next version
    when I adjust logo canvas and save the center format button for text is still using the old size canvas to center
    you input is welcome
    i am on version 5.2
    please advise
  2. Randy...

    Randy... Guest

    I never use this function, so I never noticed it. But, I did do a test in V5.0 and it does appear that the functions are backwards.

    Edit: No, things are correct. Type two lines of text and then press the buttons. Things are correct, it just moves the entire two lines of text to the opposite side of the canvas, but the text alignment is correct and that's what the buttons are for, to align the text.

  3. Mr Laughingbird

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    this is strange.

    Make sure you don't have the 'mirror' button turned on.
    this will 'flip' your text and images. Is this what you mean?

    (See attached screenshot. Look at the "H-flip" and "V-flip" buttons.)

    - Marc

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  4. Randy...

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    Step-by-step, I open up TLC, I select new logo, type two lines of text (test on line 1, test 2 on line 2), hit 'use this text'.

    Text will appear on the canvas.

    Hit the left align button and it will align the text correctly, but then move the text to the right of the canvas.

    Just the opposite when selecting the right align button.

    Text will show correctly as a group, but move from side to side on the canvas, in the opposite direction.

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