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Bug Report

Discussion in 'The eCover Creator' started by dimeco, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. dimeco


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    I tried to post this in the actual bug report area, but for some reason it said I don't have permission to post there?

    Anyway - unless I'm missing something I have two bugs (or possible bugs) to report. (Maybe 3)

    1. When I create a CD - no matter *WHAT* I do - its creating the CD Case, but NOT the CD to go with it (even after I "exported" the cd to the photo area).

    2. No matter what I do - I can't resize. i.e., the product box (I think its the first box option in the list), I can't see the top of the box to make it smaller, it hits the top of my screen. (I have 1024 resolution on). Any way to resize it before I finish plugging everything in so I can see how it looks? I know normally I'd do it in Photoshop, but the graphic itself (software box) is too big to work with before getting to that stage of even adding my graphic.

    3. Not sure if this is a bug or if its supposed to do it... but the color thing keeps coming up - even though I'm just trying to move the graphic (x key as I'm supposed to), but it keeps giving me the background color and keeps changing that while I'm trying to change the angle of the box or cd. That drove me more than a little nuts LOL - how about a way to turn the background color On OR off like in the logo creator?

    4. Sorry - guess there is a 4 :blush: - When I was trying to get rid of the color picker from coming up, I hit the esc key thinking perhaps I'd locked something... the esc key TOTALLY closed the program!!

    In my experience, any "esc" key has usually ASKED me to confirm before I wanted to close - perhaps this could be a fix in a future release?

    Anyway - any help on the first 2 - 3 would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Brent2005


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    I'm experiencing the same problems too unfortunately.


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