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    Not many in this forum know me but a few of the oldies do. I was a moderator way back a few years ago. I haven't been in here for a very long time. I got my start doing graphics thanks to Marc and it has just taken off from there. I am more involved in graphics than ever and have started creating web sites after much frustration of trying to find someone to create one for me. I love to create ads and logos and now I am into creating flash graphics but am also a writer of childrens poetry. I stopped by to say hi and to more or less re-introduce myself. Don't know when I will be back as I am so busy these days. The forum looks terrific and so different to what I was used to. I did see some of your graphics KD and as usual, you do a very nice job. Hi Marc, still working hard inside the cave? Later
    Greg AKA Blackknight:image28:

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