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Discussion in 'Hints and Tips' started by blackknight, Jun 13, 2005.

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    Hi all, I am working on my first logo for a local company in town called ATLANTIC CLAY WORKS. My first question is they want a logo 1000 pixels wide and it doesnt matter about the length. I am still learning but I don't understand what they mean by 1000 pixels wide. Is this the canvas size or the actual logo stretched across to make it that size???
    ANOTHER question: Does anyone out there have any ideas (not logo ideas) but object ideas for pottery, clay etc hopefully something in a png format. Thanks everyone if you can help.
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    1000 pixels is the width or canvas size looks like they are wanting a banner for a web page.

    heres a mask 1000x250 pixels hope it helps, click it so that you see full size then R click and save.

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