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Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by lukey81, Jul 27, 2007.

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    It sounds as though this software is excellent. But I have been burned before and getting a refund is always a hassle. So before I buy, I want to know if it will do what I need it do.

    I want to design a logo for my business. I want it to be like a pilot's wings badge. A centre circle with my business name, and then two wings on either side. I have downloaded several logo design software packages as trials and they have been complete waste of my time. Is this software powerful enough to do what I want?
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    Hi Luke - welcome to the forum. I think you'll find the software exactly fitting for your needs. What I like, is that importing personal images is very easy.

    Check out the other areas of the forum that contain alot of great work from LB users:
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    Hi Lukey81 welcome to the forum. Logo Creator will help you create that logo for your business, to demonstrate the wings and a circle you mentioned see the one I 'threw together' in literally less than a minute. Take a bit more time and you should be able to produce a professional looking logo for your business. The wings in my example are in fact from a drawing I did a couple of years ago of a car badge badge so just use your imagination and you will find the elements you need to make the perfect logo.

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