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Discussion in 'Questions or troubles updating' started by KD-did, Aug 10, 2004.

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    You can not post unless you become a registered member of the forum

    Become a registered member of the forum because if you can not post to a thread. You also can not send a Private Messages (PM's) which is often the quickest way to get answers to questions. PM's don't get lost in cyber space when the mailbox is full.

    Admin of LaughingBird Software Forum have gone the extra mile to protect your privacy when e-mailing. Your actual e-mail address does not show on e-mails/PM's sent to you or sent from you . Your address can not be collected by spammers even though you username appears in the members list.

    Only registered members can take advantage of any special offers offered through the forum.

    Remember, the Terms of Service (TOS) and all disclaimers also are part of the Rules of the Road. Laughingbird Software Forum reserves the right to remove any message,thread or forum.

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