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    At dawn, the phone rang.

    "hello Master Carlos. This is Arnold, your caretaker at your resthouse."

    "Yes Mr Arnold. why did you call? Is there a problem?"

    "uhm, i just called to tell you that youre parrot has died.."

    "What?! My parrot Clickee is dead?! The one that won on the bird show?"

    "Yes, Master.."

    "God, i have invested a lot on that parrot eh..! Wait, what was the cause of its death?"

    "it ate rotten meat, Master."

    "Rotten meat?! And who would feed it rotten meat?!"

    "uhm, no one Master. it ate one of dead horse's."

    "What dead horses are you talking about?!"

    "Master, your thorough-bred horses. They died from exhaustion carrying gallons of water..."

    "Are you out of your mind? What gallons of water?!"

    "Uh, the one to put out the fire.."

    "Oh my, what fire are you talking about."

    "The fire that almost put the mansion in ashes. A candle fell and caught on the curtains, and the fire spread so fast.."

    "What?! Why use candles since we have current there?! What's the candle for?"

    "For the wake Master.."

    "What?! Whose wake?!"

    "For your mother Master. She came unexpectedly one night. Past midnight. I thought it was a thief. I ACCIDENTALLY SHOT HER!"
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    Oh man! That was bad. lol good one!

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