Attention Newbie's: A Clear Explanation

Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by TheWiz, Oct 14, 2005.

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    If you're using Dreamweaver MX 2004.... here are simple directions:
    After you create your Ad .... EXPORT it and save it.

    Open up the htm. web page that you want to put your AD in....

    Find your AD that you saved, (it will have a " .swf " behind it.)
    Drag it into your page you want...

    Now look down in your Properties at the bottom of your page: You will see "File" with the name of the file you just dragged into your page with a .swf at the end of it.

    Just below that box, is SRC with box (with a red flash button next to it) this is the box you put your assets file in. It's on the right side of your screen with the extension "filename_assets/.
    (Use your Point to File) It will be a separate folder... it should contain some pictures and a txt file. Make sure you point to the Folder containing the assets/
    Your Properties box below should look like this
    File: /yourAD.swf
    SRC: /yourAD_assets/

    That's it....hope this helped :banan:
  2. Jim B

    Jim B

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    What if we are using Frontpage?
  3. TheWiz


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    Dreamweaver Only instructions

    Sorry... I only use Dreamweaver. AS stated.... these instructions are for Dreamweaver MX 2004 or lower versions. Maybe somebody will post Clear instructions for "Front Page" users. :WOW1:
  4. Borpean

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    Nice post there Wizzy!

    Jim B, I'm not to familiar with frontpage but here is a link that can help...

    Let us know if it works for you!

    From the site...

    "First create your Flash animations in Anim-FX, and save the files to your website directory.

    1. Open Frontpage

    2. Select the HTML page into which you want to insert the animation, or start from scratch and open a new page

    3. Save the HTML file to your website directory

    4. Click on the position where you want to insert the animation

    5. Go to Insert - Advanced - and select Plug-in. In Frontpage 2002 you should select: Web Component - Advanced Controls - Plug-in

    6. Now the Plug-In Properties window opens up. Here you should select your created animation. To do so click on the browse button

    7. Now the Select file menu pops up. Select your web animation file from the list, and click on OK

    8. You will be brought back to the Plug-in Properties menu. Here you can edit the properties of your flash animation. In general you can use the default size

    9. Finally save and preview your file. It's important that you save the file first before you click on preview, otherwise you will see nothing.

    10. There you have it, a nice simple way to add a little extra pizzazz to your presentation"

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