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Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by WebPub, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. WebPub

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    I tried going through this forum to find out if anyone has asked the question if you can add animated gif images to a logo in L.C. V5.

    I would like to to add some animated images to my logo, but when I import the images from my computer into the log I'm creating, the animated gif images do not work.

    Is there a way around this to make them active in my logo, or is this not possible through the logo creator program.

    Any information or help would be great.

  2. Chris_Houg

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    It's not possible. Normally the only programs that will save as an animated gif are programs specifically written to support and save them, which TLC doesn't do. It would involve having multiple images with slight alterations from one image to the next to produce the animation then saving them in a special animated gif file, which TLC's purpose is to create logo's, not animations.
  3. homesight <img src="images/ranks/mod.png" />

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    what other graphics programs do you own? Do you have a trial version of say, Fireworks :)


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