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Discussion in 'Resource & Recommendations' started by Worlock, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Worlock

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    I got this email and I really dont like spam, But this caught my eye for some reason, So I checked it out, and yes I fell for it paying a whole 2.99 for 3 cd's Thought you might want to check it out, Theres something for everyone...Heres the link:
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    Checked it out and there is some fine print:

    which basically says that you will be receiving 4 cd's. Two you keep and two you evaluate for 25 days. If you don't like them, you send them back or else there is a $14.99 charge per CD.

    About every 7 weeks, they'll send you four different ones...
  3. Worlock

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    Yeah but you get 2 free:
    the two Software CDs you selected are yours to keep absolutely FREE - even if you decide to return the others.

    2 free cds is better than 1 in my book :)

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