Ads Created in Non-Animated to put Flash Effects to some areas

Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by xexazine, Dec 2, 2009.

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    I created image ads for my Google Advertising, and used the Non-Animated Ads. I want to put flash effects to the "call to action" areas of each individual banner. Is this possible within the Non-Animated or should I import the ads in jpeg in the Animated Ads?

    I first tried to create the image ads in the Animated Ads since I knew by then I will put flash effects to some areas within the ad but it seems that I cannot view the whole interface within the Animated Ad Creation Center. I can't view all the fields reason why I can't play around the program, the whole window can't be maximized (see attached screen shot). So, I resorted to have the ads in the Non-Animated and now my problem is flashing some of the texts like "Apply Now". My image ads now are in jpeg files.

    I emailed Laughingbird but got no reply. Please course me to any link if this issue is already raised in the forum, my first time to post a thread.


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