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Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by tsawyer, Mar 4, 2008.

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    I have TLC V3, V4 and V5. The fonts are different in every version. Opening an older file with newer software results in different appearances. To say the least, it is EXTREMELY cumbersome to have three different versions of the same software on the same machine, with different designs scattered throughout each.

    Thus, my question is both basic and fundamental:

    What is the procedure to (a) combine all fonts in the latest TLC application, (b) migrate all previous logo files to a single TLC application, and (c) eliminate all older versions? Please do not tell me to "just copy" files. It is never that simple and I have no time to waste experimenting.

    Surely I am not the first person to ask this question??? I would know if this forum could be searched, but since it is a cheap package and cannot, I am left feeling abandoned. Regardless of how good any software may be, an issue like this essentially makes it worthless.

    I have already asked the company twice. I have received no reply. I am not amused. Hence, I have created this forum message. I apologize if I sound short, but having wasted two hours just now trying to "revive" a logo design that changed all by itself, I do need a real, workable solution.
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    The reason for the font issue is because licensing agreements that could not be resolved between V3.? and V4.? on enbedded fonts and unfortunately it is an either/or situation because the font's file format is not the same and can not be mixed. If you updated as the updates came out you should be able to select all and move V4 into V5 cutting you down to just 2 versions instead of 3. If you can locate the embedded fonts from V3 that you have used, download and install them to your systems font folder you should have the best of both worlds. I will tell you now that some of the embedded fonts from V3 can not be found for free or on any of the major font sites.

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