About to get the new version of the "Web Graphics Creator?"

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    Brand new stuff is coming out! , please, I beg of you, backup your purchases!

    Many people purchase Software from Laughingbird, and somewhere along the line they need to reinstall it, for what ever reason. Here is how it sometimes happens.

    Before you read how customers typically reinstall the software GO OUT AND BUY A 16GB FLASH DRIVE!

    Even before you install anything you downloaded from Laughingbird Software, copy your original, unzipped, downloaded, files to the usb drive. ONLY USE THE USB DRIVE FOR BACKING UP ONLINE, DOWNLOADED PURCHASES....AND YOUR LAUGHINGBIRD DOCUMENTS DIRECTORY!

    Trust me, you will save yourself much frustration....

    Swapped out hard drives? Meteor crashed into house and burnt up your computer, and you need to reinstall your software? NSA and their pesky black helo's erase your hard drive with a EMP late at night?

    PLUG IN YOUR BACKUP USB DRIVE, AND BAM! You're creating logos again all day long.

    Read about Sam Sneardly and how he does it without a thumb drive.....

    1. Customer realizes they deleted something, or got a new hard drive, or a meteor hit their house last night and landed on their computer, totally destroying the Logo Creator and 13 special Logos you were working on.

    2. Customer googles "laughingbird" help, looks in the forum, and sees something about cleverbridge, and past order lookup.

    3. Customer emails cleverbridge, for past order information.

    4. Customer gets order information from cleverbridge, but the download link has expired.

    5. Customer rants on facebook, and in the forum, and spends about 30 mintues looking on the internet for a mailing address and contact info for Laughingbird software.

    6. Customer finally finds an email contact for laughingbird software!

    7. Customer can't remember their order info number, or when they bought the product so it takes a while to find their information.

    8. After a week or two, or a day or two, the fine folk at Laughingbird software will end up sending a link for the customer to redownload the software!

    Your choice: Thumb Drive, or Sam's way....

    Here are the current contents of my Laughingbird Backup thumb drive.
    All my stuff is over 5.61 GB--- I have some big logos (over100MB each) and custom made libraries of photos and clipart that take up quite a bit of space.

    Currently a 16GB USB thumb drive retails for $9.99!

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