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    Ok. Some of you may have heard about my mention of a neato little art community called deviantART.com Ok maybe not so little, it's huge. Anywhoo, I just thought I'd share a little announcement by some talented designers on this site, with everyone here who may be interested in what all is involved in the design of a logo...or in this case the re-design of their current one. You will notice the current logo (to compare with the new design) in the upper left corner and splashed all over the site if you were to browse between now and the time they're gonna change it officially; and the end of the "challenge"...oops did I spoil the surprise, keep reading.

    They have been gracious enuff to share with this community about all the elements and their choices of design and theory that went into it. I thought it was a great read and reminder for me personally.

    So if your interested, some of this may be a refresher in design and for those that are new to graphic art this will be a wealth of knowledge. Either way this insight into the workflow and pipeline of design is well worth the read to all artists here.

    goto: http://news.deviantart.com/article/59019/

    I'm not sure if you need to join as a member to view this or not, but I already am a member and started a gallery so I can already view it.

    Oh did I mention that there is a $2500 Challenge? Yeah at the bottom of the article all the rules are outlined. You basically have until October 14th, 2008 starting from this date of post. Perhaps this may be just the thing for any of you who need a fix while waiting for any contest here on LB, LOL!

    Happy reading!

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