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    I think your products are great for the work they are meant to do, ie. Logo & ad creation, etc.
    I do not know what it would take to do this, but I would like to suggest that there is a possibility to create much larger images than currently possible if one needs to.

    If that where possible, it would be great and I think the software would appeal to even more people in other fields than currently possible.
    If one wants much larger graphics, in the area of over 1300 x 1300px, it does not seem to be possible and converting to vector format and then enlarging leads to quality loss, with images having fuzzy edges, etc.
    I often need images of up to 4000px (height/width).
    It would be much better and faster if one could get them straight from the LaBirdSoftware and a very simple solution to the problem.

    Would you please consider it or possibly "reveal/share" what to do to make this possible ?

    Actually this is a suggestion for feature releases, but if there is a shortcut to "tune" say the current version of the FAC ... it would be greatly appreciated.

    My 2 cents

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