"Aahh, Vector."

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    For the senior members of the forum, this will be 'old hat' , but for the newer members perhaps of some use.

    We hear talk of vector on the forum quite frequently and I'm sure some are as confused as I once was. I am not about to begin explaining 'why vector?'. the subject has been covered on the forum many times. Do a search.

    If you would really like a good vector program on the cheap (it can't be any cheaper than free) go here;

    As you know, even the best programs won't do the work for you.
    To learn go here;

    Good Luck! Or do what I do and buy buy your vector graphics.


    I don't buy everything, there are a lot of vector graphics offered on this forum by senior members. I have found many of them useful (and free) :image28:

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