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    That has a colored background! Phew...long title there!

    Ok...I learned something just this morning and I thought I would share it here, because Im betting not many know about this, I know I didnt!...

    A friend of mine sent me a picture of a group of ballz that had a solid background ( 1 color ) and asked me if I could make it a transparent gif... I thought to myself...well this shouldnt be to hard since the background was a solid color, I'll just take out the color of the background and WA-LA be done with it... So I used my paint program...Oh it took out the BG Color but really made it very pixelated and nasty looking, I thought Oh Great! now what! so I transfered it over to TLC...tried it that way...It worked like a charm...heres how its done!

    take the image and make your canvas the same size as the image itself...Just barely touching on the borders, Now select
    "Tranasparent gif" under export..Select the color you want transparent ( Which is the background ) and select "Export" NOT DONE!....And save your picture, and the BG will be gone leaving you with a non-pixelated transparent gif! and thats how its done...simple...effective...results

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    Later all, have a laugh and a smile and your day will be complete!
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