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Discussion in 'Wish list for future releases' started by Worlock, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Worlock

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    I was wondering if this would be at all possible.

    I have the following in my arsenal of "Laughingbird Programs"

    *Mega Pak - which contains all the elements and logo designs so far

    *Web2.0 Update

    * Flash Ad Creator

    * Web Graphics Creator


    Some of these have changed names and what not, I know...

    But when I purchased the Web2.0 I recieved a lot of the same elements I already had when I bought the Mega Pak.

    All I would like to have now is the "Alphabet Edition" But I really dont want to pay again for elements that I have already with the other versions...Is there a way I can purchase the "Alphabet Edition" without all the same elements I got with the other editions? and at a lower cost, All I want is the elements I dont have. I would really like to know if that would be possible because Its the only one I dont have now ( that I know of ) Im interested in hearing a reply...Thank you.

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