A Fond Farewell...

Discussion in 'FUN and Sharing Forum for Non-Creator stuff' started by Randy..., Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Randy...

    Randy... Guest

    I wanted to let everyone know that I've enjoyed myself here trying to help you with your questions/concerns with the Laughingbird products. My time has become very sparse with other things that I'm trying to accomplish in life, so I leave the board and the friends I've made here in sadness.

    Many may not have picked up on this, but for the most part, the Admins and the Mods here are all volunteers helping Marc out. Sometimes, there are things that these folks can't handle themselves and the member has to wait on Marc to take care of it. Please be patient and not take it out on the Mods & Admins -- they truly do everything in their power to help out everyone.

    Marc is also a one-man-show when it comes to taking care of his business and is heavily involved in all aspects of the business. That dedication does slow him down sometimes in getting back with some, but I know he's always made it right with the person. So, if you have a problem that the mods/admins can't address, please be patient as your support thru Marc (Laughingbird) is addressed. (For those that are patient, they really come out smelling like a rose!) Marc does really care about the success of the product and is one heck of a guy. He always goes above the call of duty.

    I wish everyone well and my time has been fun here.

    PS -- would a Admin please remove my moderator status now?

  2. Chris

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    Randy hate to see you go. I completely understand when other things call in life. Wait one is calling now, My Wife! LOL No serious I wish you the best in life. If I can do anything for you just yell. You have my e-mail addy.
  3. 3DS


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    Hey Randy,

    I've only been here a few months now, but I sure hate to see ya go too. I wish you the best in whatever you go after in life.
  4. Mr Laughingbird

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    I understand time limitations Randy.
    I'm sorry to see you go.

    It's a sad day here in the forum.
    You've been a tremendous help.

    The door is always open for you.

    ... and I'm leaving your status as a MOD for now. I won't remove it. Partially because your previous responses were so professional, I want others to see the tag, and partially because I don't want you to go away permanently. :D

    If I haven't said it enough, you've been terrific.

    - Marc


    stay ... stay .... stay ....
  5. prototype66


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    Randy, I want to say that alot of things were easier, fixed or just more fun because of your help and patience here at the board.You made me feel like a friend . I wish you wealth, health and happiness in your future and for making me feel "at home" here at the forum I thank you. good luck!!!

    Chuck (proto).

    PS don't be a stranger, (at leased not "stranger " than me)

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