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Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by blackknight, Jun 6, 2005.

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    #1 When Marc came out with the version #4.1 How come when you press the button "save project as" under FILE How come it saves it 3 times. I can understand it being saved twice, once as a TLC file to make changes to AND another as a viewing file but why the third time? AND... when it is saved it is not saved as a png which I would prefer as a png opens up with less kb's
    How can I change to png one time so that I don't have to go in every time with each logo and make the changes which would be to time consuming?
    #2 I want to delete a lot of my files from my computer as well as my logos that I wish to burn to a cd as a back-up file. This is to free space on the computer as to try to clean things up and possibly build up some speed as the computer is getting sluggish. Question is: Can I burn my logos to a cd even my tlc files. I was concerned that if the tlc files were burned that they wouldn't be able to be changed as in going in to re-create an existing logo by moving certain elements or changing colors etc...Also the thought occured, What if there is a system crash, what do others do to protect the logos they create. I know I can burn a logo file that is for viewing but what about a tlc file for changing? I have too many logos to risk losing. This is a good question for one of our TLC teckies. Anyone want to give this a try? :helpnow:
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    You can open it...

    If you burn the tlc logo format onto a disc, when you open it, it still will be "editable". The main thing to check is that when you go to open the file it isn't marked as "READ ONLY" under the file properties. This can be done by right clicking the file containing your logos and then choosing Properties. If the READ ONLY box is ticked (filled in) click the box to deselect it. That's it and yes go back those files up...

    Personally, I have 3 internal harddrives and one external harddrive. It makes backing up my data soooo much easier than burning hundreds of CDs or DVDs. If I were you, I would consider purchasing a USB 2.0 or Firewire external hard drive. Life will be much easier and less time consuming :-)

    Mike D.
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    It saves using the Save Project as ... option exactly as the original template files exist in your TLC Libraries folder: a TLC file and 2 jpg's, the 2nd jpg is a thumbnail.

    Marc was simply giving you a means to expand your program by creating your own templates, and so he made it create the exact same files that the program itself uses, and of course you can individually save anything you want as PNG with the export option. :)

    Hope that helps ...

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